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The all new ComfaGear® II

The all new ComfaGear® II

February 1, 2016 - Introducing our new headgear, ComfaGear® II - COMING SOON!

Over the last few years many companies have tried to improve welding helmet comfort with a redesign of the traditional headgear. Most if not all have fallen short. ArcOne® has taken our original ComfaGear®, a pioneer in relieving forehead pressure, and has made significant improvements by analyzing and relieving all pressure points on the head. ComfaGear® II works on both browguards and helmets.

ComfaGear® II has dual pivoting front bands that self adjust on the forehead, adjustable top straps x-crossed atop the head providing evenly distributed comfort, back and forth adjustment with the spin of a dial and eight points of adjustment for individual personalized comfort.