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The Cutting-Edge iDF

The Cutting-Edge iDF

March 17, 2014 - ArcOne® has completely changed the expectation level for performance in welding helmets with the all new iDF(Intelligent Darkening Filter) combining both hardware and software to create the most advanced, innovative product to come along in a quarter of a century. Developed from the ground up with feedback from welders, the iDF48 and iDF81 exceeds all expectation levels.

Eight unique memory settings customize each helmet (in auto-mode) for each user creating a personal product for every welder.

Available in the ultra-modern Vision® helmet or the racing-inspired Python® in viewing areas large and Xtreme®.

With an astonishing clear light state of 3, featuring exacting color reproductions and two modes of operation;

  • Auto-variable shade adjustment from 5-14 with the ability to adjust and memorize 8 different personal settings for varying amps.

  • Special iTIG mode with up-slope and down-slope shade control to accommodate for low and high amps while TIG welding.